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  • August 28th, 2018
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Wunna Zaw started his legal Practice carrier as a chamber assistance in his father U Khin Zaw ( Mayangone ) who is not only a well-known Lawyer but also a famous writter. After finishing his Law Decree LL.B, he started his life as a practices Lawyer. He must preferred civil Ligation and real estate matters.His legal practioner life become brighter under the graidance of U Kyaw Nyein and Daw Khin May Than of Kyaw Lawfirm.Now he is one of a founding member of LRE Lawfirm.

Address office: No.156,Room(2/B),first floor,
Yaeset Lane,9-Quarter,
Mayangone Township,

Residence: No,61/B, Yague (southern)Lane,9-Quarter
Mayangone Township,Yangon Divition.

Hand phone: 09 518 1185.

Educational Qualifications: LL.B (Advocate)
(Dagon University)

Speciallized Field: Civil Letigation,Intellectual property Law,Contract Laws,Transfer of Property Law,Registered Law,Trademark,Personal Law(succession Law) ,Real Estate Related Laws,Company Law

Practicing Law: Since 2001.
A member of U Khin Zaw(May
-angone)legal group Mayangone.
Started from the beginning the litigation at the Courts in 2006 and Legal Adviser to Global Sea Hawk Co,Ltd,Solitaire Logistics &services Co,Ltd (Shipping Company) in 2014 and other Companies at now.
Lectures in Civil &Criminal Litigation,Real Estate & Related Laws,Labour Law,Municipal Law and other local law at (free education law class)(donations)U Khin Zaw (Mayangone).

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